10 nice things about Canberra

  1. Aboriginal Tent Embassy
  2. Telstra Tower (good place to be studious for the price of $7.50)
  3. Smiths Alternative Bookshop (come for the culture, stay for the pumpkin soup)
  4. Tilley’s (lesbian bar)
  5. Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe (Lonsdale Street TradersĀ is nice if you’re in the mood for hipsterĀ things)
  6. National Library of Australia (I’m sure the other government institutions like the National Archives have equally awesome rare stuff to read and watch)
  7. Impact Comics
  8. Landspeed (music shop)
  9. National Gallery of Australia
  10. all the 90s sensibility (so much enviro activism, 90s indie music everywhere, and a large public service – ha)