100 titles I like


  1. Born Sandy Devotional
  2. The Doctor is Sick
  3. Pale Fire
  4. I Was The Hunter and I Was The Prey
  5. Wide Boys Never Work
  6. The Difference Between Me and You Is that I’m Not on Fire
  7. A Cloud In Trousers
  8. Who Are These Friends of the People, and How They Fight Against the Social-Democrats
  9. Middle Class Revolt
  10. Hycacinths and Thistles
  11. The Hissing of Summer Lawns
  12. Diving Board Harmonic
  13. The Soft Machine
  14. Check Your Head
  15. An Unsocial Socialist
  16. Jellybelly
  17. Die Nigger Die! (this was a book of the Black Liberation era by H Rap Brown – M.A.E)
  18. Howl
  19. Puberty Blues
  20. My Pain and Sadness is More Sad and Painful Than Yours
  21. The Naked Civil Servant
  22. Once a Jolly Comrade
  23. Property is Condemned
  24. Hating Alison Ashley
  25. Blondes Have More Fun (In The Hitler Youth)
  26. Double Bummer
  27. If You’re Not Famous at Fourteen, You’re Finished
  28. You’re The One For Me, Fatty
  29. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  30. Red Wank: The Journal of Rank and File Masturbation
  31. Steal This Book
  32. Between Thought and Expression
  33. Nevermind
  34. Wild Socialism
  35. Evol
  36. Hard On For Jesus
  37. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  38. Tigermilk
  39. Shoplifters of the World Unite
  40. Thunderhead
  41. Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be
  42. Loveless
  43. I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One
  44. A Clockwork Orange
  45. The Hammer, The Sickle and The Washing Up
  46. In the Grass All Wine Coloured
  47. Without MSG I Am Nothing
  48. 18 In A Week
  49. The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
  50. Brave New World
  51. He Poos Clouds
  52. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test 
  53. Motorcycle Emptiness
  54. Southpaw Grammer
  55. The Naked Lunch
  56. Bring On The Dancing Horses
  57. Property is Theft
  58. Don’t Want To Be Grant McLennan
  59. Everything is Fixed
  60. Live Through This
  61. Young and Full of the Devil
  62. I’m in the Future, Now
  63. Hourly, Daily
  64. Forget About Him I’m Mint
  65. It’s Only Right and Natural
  66. Rare Breed
  67. Waltzing Materialism
  68. The Unhappy Elitist
  69. This Nation’s Saving Grace
  70. Shabooh Shoobah
  71. Enjoy Your Worries You May Never Have Them Again
  72. Hard For You
  73. Doolittle
  74. Love in the Time of Cholera
  75. Jung Talent Time
  76. Sister
  77. Mike Love Not War
  78. All That False Instruction
  79. So What?
  80. Drugs Are Wasted On The Young
  81. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  82. Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
  83. The Raggered Trousered Philanthropists
  84. Sorry ‘Bout The Violence
  85. All Hands On The Bad One
  86. War and Peace
  87. Rice is Nice
  88. Funhouse
  89. What Makes A Man Start Fires
  90. Shaved Women
  91. The Art Scab
  92. A Slap In The Face Of Public Taste
  93. Fear and Whiskey
  94. Beyond Good and Evil
  95. You Know My Name, Look Up The Number
  96. Down and Out in Paris and London
  97. On The Beach
  98. My Thyme is Up (fictional title within the novel ‘Unless’ by Carol Shields – M.A.E.)
  99. Thriller
  100. What is to be Done?