Top 200 political songs (max one song representing each artist)

  1. Blackfella Whitefella by Warumpi Band
  2. Union City Blue by Blondie
  3. Which Side Are You On? by Florence Reece
  4. Ping Pong by Stereolab
  5. Rough Justice by Bananarama
  6. Labour Theory of Value by Alex C (from Occupy Sydney)
  7. Glad It’s All Over by Captain Sensible
  8. Where’s My Jumper? by The Sultans of Ping
  9. Cunts Are Still Running The World by Jarvis Cocker
  10. Yang Yang by Yoko Ono
  11. Rights For Gays by John Maus
  12. History of Communism (Soviet Union) by Jeffrey Lewis
  13. Rise by Public Image Limited
  14. Rockstar (Olympia) by Hole
  15. Hard Knock Life by Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin (from Annie)
  16. Destroy 2000 Years of Culture by Atari Teenage Riot
  17. Crazy World by Frightwig/Redd Kross
  18. The Age Of Self by Robert Wyatt
  19. Peace Attack by Sonic Youth
  20. We Are All Bourgeois Now by McCarthy
  21. Original Faubus Fables by Charles Mingus
  22. Sunshowers by M.I.A.
  23. Up Against The Wall by The Tom Robinson Band
  24. Something In The Air by Thunderclap Newman
  25. Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) by The Valentine Brothers / Simply Red
  26. The Bombs Dropped On Xmas Day by The Reels
  27. Modern Girl by Sleater-Kinney
  28. Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) by Melanie
  29. Blue Sky Mine by Midnight Oil
  30. Ban Marriage by Hidden Cameras
  31. Understanding Marx by The Red Shadows
  32. Drunk on Election Night by Dan Kelly
  33. IPC by Light Asylum
  34. To Be Young Gifted And Black by Nina Simone
  35. The Night I Fell In Love by The Pet Shop Boys
  36. CIA Man by The Fugs
  37. Get Off The Internet by Le Tigre
  38. Out Of Time by Blur
  39. Motorcycle Emptiness by Manic Street Preachers
  40. Heatwave by The Blue Nile
  41. Nuclear War by Sun Ra / Yo La Tengo
  42. Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones
  43. Children of the Revolution by T-Rex
  44. Give Fraser The Razor by Red Peril
  45. Marx and Engels by Belle and Sebastian
  46. 911 Is A Joke by Public Enemy
  47. Rally by Phoenix
  48. Generals and Majors by XTC
  49. The Village Green Preservation Society by The Kinks
  50. John Howard The Actor by Ross McLennan
  51. Why I Hate Xmas by White Town
  52. Look In The Mirror by Simply Red
  53. Turnover by Fugazi
  54. Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell
  55. Hegira Émigré by of Montreal
  56. Hurricane by Bob Dylan
  57. Society Is My Friend by Kurt Vile
  58. Middle Class Revolt by The Fall
  59. Part Of The Union by The Strawbs
  60. Smalltown Boy by Bronksi Beat
  61. The Last Guy by Arlo Guthrie
  62. Arcarsenal by At The Drive-In
  63. Funeral Pyre by The Jam
  64. Hoops With Fidel by Neon Neon
  65. New Name Blues by Dick Diver
  66. Communist Daughter by Neutral Milk Hotel
  67. Family Treet by The Raincoats
  68. Not Great Men by Gang of Four
  69. Finest Worksong by REM
  70. I Am Woman by Helen Reddy
  71. All Women Are Bitches by Fifth Column
  72. Police On My Back by The Clash
  73. Solid Rock by Goanna
  74. Right Wing Fags by The Fauves
  75. Caucasian Guilt by Noh Mercy
  76. Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  77. U-Mass by Pixies
  78. Pretend That We’re Dead by L7
  79. War Pigs by Black Sabbath
  80. The Mistakes of Trotsky by Red Krayola
  81. Vote for Henry by Henry Heng’s campaign team
  82. For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield
  83. Come Out by Steve Reich
  84. Freedom Day by Max Roach
  85. Wardance by Killing Joke
  86. Common People by Pulp
  87. Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914) by The Zombies
  88. 99 Luftballons by Nena
  89. Caught in the Act by Redgum
  90. Spirits In The Material World by The Police
  91. Sky Pilot by Eric Burdon and The Animals
  92. Know Your Product by The Saints
  93. Ohio by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
  94. Tonight The Streets Are Ours by Richard Hawley
  95. Russian Revolution Blues by Julian Cope
  96. 16 Military Wives by The Decemberists
  97. Belfast by Boney M
  98. Potshot Heard Around The World by The Dead Kennedys
  99. This Generation by Roachford
  100. Taxman by The Beatles
  101. Revolution by The Pretty Things
  102. Red Revolution by Marcus Hook Roll Band
  103. Sorry Dad, I Was Late For The Riots by Future of the Left
  104. The Good Anarchist by Television Personalities
  105. Mr Suit by Wire
  106. The One On The Right Is On The Left by Johnny Cash
  107. Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine
  108. Breaking The Law by Judas Priest
  109. U.N.I.T.Y. by Queen Latifa
  110. Have a Nice Day by Crass
  111. Gurindji Blues by Galurrwuy Yunupingu (featuring Vincent Lingiari)
  112. Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire
  113. Waiting On The World To Change by John Mayer
  114. The Internationale by Traditional
  115. Kill All Hippies by Primal Scream
  116. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs by The Minutemen
  117. Superhighway by Yothu Yindi
  118. The Songs of Investment Capital Overseas by Art Bears
  119. I Make The Product by Desperate Bicycle
  120. Search and Destroy by Iggy and The Stooges
  121. Suicide is Painless by Johnny Mandel
  122. We’re A Winner by The Impressions
  123. I Don’t Like It by Pauline Pantsdown
  124. Born To A Family by The Go-Betweens
  125. Racist Friend by They Might Be Giants
  126. Chicken Parma by Loin Groin
  127. F.S.O. by Regurgitator
  128. Black Boys on Mopeds by Sinead O’Connor
  129. Never Been In A Riot by Mekons
  130. Don’t Talk to Sociologists by Art & Language
  131. The Power Is Yours by Redskins
  132. Brother Is Gone by Ry Cooder
  133. 5 Million Ways To Kill A CEO by The Coup
  134. Winter In America by Gil Scott Heron
  135. Life Is A Pigsty by Morrissey
  136. Dancing in the Street by Martha and the Vandellas
  137. The Candidate by Urge Overkill
  138. Senator by Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks
  139. Black or White by Michael Jackson
  140. The Small-l Liberal Song by Miranda Wood and Emma Norton
  141. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band
  142. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) by Marvin Gaye
  143. The Message by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious FIve
  144. It’s Obvious by Au Pairs
  145. Say It Loud (I‘m Black and I’m Proud) by James Brown
  146. Everyday People by Sly and The Family Stone
  147. Fuck Tha Police by N.W.A.
  148. Oliver’s Army by Elvis Costello
  149. War Requiem by Benjamin Britten
  150. Fight The Cuts by Cornelius Cardew
  151. Took The Children Away by Archie Roach
  152. Let England Shake by PJ Harvey
  153. We Take Care Of Our Own by Bruce Springsteen
  154. Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday
  155. We Have Survived by No Fixed Address
  156. Commencement Day by Blue Scholars
  157. Another Brick In The Wall (Part II) by Pink Floyd
  158. Solidarity by Angelic Upstarts
  159. Rat Race by The Specials
  160. The Establishment Blues by Rodriguez
  161. Elected by Alice Cooper
  162. Black Boy by Coloured Stone
  163. Complication by The Monks
  164. The Songs of Investment Capital Overseas by Art Bears
  165. Muckaty by Kylie Sambo
  166. Soldier, We Love You by Rita Martinson
  167. First We’ll Take Manhattan by Leonard Cohen
  168. Black Thighs by The Last Poets
  169. Smash It Up by The (International) Noise Conspiracy
  170. Fuck You by Lily Allen
  171. Peace Train by Cat Stevens
  172. All You Fascists by Billy Bragg and Wilco
  173. Standing In The Way of Control by The Gossip
  174. The Phillip Ruddock Blues by TISM
  175. A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke
  176. Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  177. Crushed By The Wheels of Industry by Heaven 17
  178. American Life by Madonna
  179. Whiteliberalonwhiteliberalaction by mclusky
  180. Working Class Man by Jimmy Barnes
  181. Ruler of the Land by Casey Bennetto (from Keating the Musical)
  182. I Went Out With a Hippy and Now I Love Everyone Except For Her by Frenzal Rhomb
  183. While The Iron Is Hot by Trees
  184. Dole Song by Fresh Maggots
  185. Star Hotel by Cold Chisel
  186. My People by The Presets
  187. Mercenaries by John Cale
  188. Cold War by Janelle Monae
  189. President Gas by The Psychedelic Furs
  190. 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
  191. Identity by X-Ray Spex
  192. From Little Things Big Things Grow by Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly
  193. Jet Set Junta by Monochrome Set
  194. Free Bobby Now by Lumpen
  195. Politicians in my Eyes by Death
  196. Talkin’ Bout A Revolution by Tracey Chapman
  197. Pig Nixon by Red Star Singers
  198. Uncle Ho by Pete Seeger
  199. Symphony No 11 ‘The Year 1905’ by Dmitri Shostakovich
  200. Bourgeois Blues by Leadbelly