Top 20 cemeteries (I’ve visited)

  1. Highgate Cemetery, London
  2. Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington DC
  3. Père-Lachaise, Paris
  4. Forest Lawn, Los Angeles
  5. Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles
  6. Soviet War Memorial, Berlin
  7. San Michele, Venice
  8. Lake View Cemetery, Seattle
  9. Cimitière du Montparnasse, Paris
  10. Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague
  11. Westminster Abbey, London
  12. Fremantle Cemetery, Perth
  13. Catacombes de Paris, Paris
  14. Arlington Cemetery, Washington DC
  15. Broome Pioneer Cemetery, Broome
  16. Fawkner Memorial Park, Melbourne
  17. Taj Mahal, Agra
  18. Waverley Cemetery, Sydney
  19. Hólavallagarður, Reykjavik
  20. West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide

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