Top 30 non-album songs by Stephen Malkmus and Pavement (combined!)

  1. Tale in a Hard Time (Fairport Convention cover)
  2. Dynamic Calories
  3. No Tan Lines
  4. Sin Taxi
  5. Greenlander
  6. Mr Jolly
  7. Harness Your Hopes
  8. Shoot The Singer
  9. Give It A Day
  10. I Love Perth
  11. Holly Springs Orchestra Song
  12. Sensitive Euro Man
  13. Fractions and Feelings
  14. Easily Fooled
  15. For Sale The Preston School of Industry
  16. My First Mine
  17. Winner of the
  18. Stub Your Toe
  19. You’re Killing Me
  20. Polish Mule
  21. Unseen Power of the Picket Fence
  22. No More Kings
  23. Pennywhistle Thunder
  24. Doctor Drop
  25. Time For The Gravity Bong
  26. Walk Into The Mirror
  27. Decouvert de Soleil
  28. Old Jerry
  29. Wow Ass Jeans
  30. Malay Massaker

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