Top 25 Perth songs

  1. Farmers Never Visit Nightclubs by The Triffids
  2. Closet Fan by 7 Day Weekend
  3. Sunny Romance by Thermos Cardy
  4. I Love Perth by Pavement
  5. World Famous In Perth by Turnstyle
  6. Big Gay Heart by The Lemonheads
  7. Premonition by The Manikins 
  8. Lovers by Effigy
  9. Yes I Am by Cinema Prague
  10. This Is My Happy Hour by The Scientists
  11. Half Full Glass of Wine by Tame Impala
  12. Military Strongmen by Jebediah
  13. At First Sight by The Stems
  14. Why Are All The Cars Outside Real? by Eskimo Joe
  15. Hope Grocery by Sodastream
  16. Good Dancers by The Sleepy Jackson
  17. Perth Is A Culture Shock by The Victims
  18. Applecross Wing Commander by You Am I
  19. Anky Fremp by Flanders
  20. Ghosts Have The Best Time by The Panda Band
  21. Holidayz by The Stickfigures
  22. Will The World by El Horizonte
  23. Demented by Lamia
  24. Brazen Head by Header 
  25. Perth by Bon Iver

2 thoughts on “Top 25 Perth songs

  1. Nice list Alex. Good Dancers takes me back to a time at a party in Perth where Luke Steel blew up a television. deep.

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