Top 100 songs of Bob Dylan and Neil Young (combined)

  1. I’ll Keep It With Mine by Bob Dylan
  2. Under The Red Sky by Bob Dylan
  3. I Believe In You by Bob Dylan
  4. Simple Twist Of Fate by Bob Dylan
  5. Idiot Wind by Bob Dylan
  6. You’re A Big Girl Now by Bob Dylan
  7. One More Cup of Coffee by Bob Dylan
  8. Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan
  9. Mississippi by Bob Dylan
  10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan
  11. Are You Passionate? by Neil Young
  12. Midnight On The Bay by Neil Young
  13. Powderfinger by Neil Young
  14. Razor Love by Neil Young
  15. Sugar Mountain by Neil Young
  16. Walk On by Neil Young
  17. Till The Morning Comes by Neil Young
  18. Cripple Creek Ferry by Neil Young
  19. Don’t Let It Bring You Down by Neil Young
  20. Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Neil Young
  21. Tell Me Why by Neil Young
  22. When You Dance I Can Really Love by Neil Young
  23. I Believe In You by Neil Young
  24. Birds by Neil Young
  25. Heart Of Gold by Neil Young
  26. It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) by Bob Dylan
  27. Property of Jesus by Bob Dylan
  28. Transformer Man (MTV Unplugged version) by Neil Young
  29. Visions of Johanna by Bob Dylan
  30. Tired Eyes by Neil Young
  31. Spirit On The Water by Bob Dylan
  32. The Great Divide by Neil Young
  33. Tell Me That It Isn’t True by Bob Dylan
  34. The Loner by Neil Young
  35. Here We Are In The Years by Neil Young
  36. Honest With Me by Bob Dylan
  37. Don’t Cry No Tears by Neil Young
  38. Winterlong by Neil Young
  39. Will To Love by Neil Young
  40. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right by Bob Dylan
  41. Revolution Blues by Neil Young
  42. Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan
  43. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall by Bob Dylan
  44. Angry World by Neil Young
  45. Hurricane by Bob Dylan
  46. After The Goldrush by Neil Young
  47. Black Diamond Bay by Bob Dylan
  48. Hey Hey, My My (Out Of The Blue) by Neil Young
  49. Burned by Neil Young
  50. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat by Bob Dylan
  51. Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan
  52. Positively 4th Street by Bob Dylan
  53. Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young
  54. Horseshoe Man by Neil Young
  55. Long May You Run by Neil Young
  56. Harvest Moon by Neil Young
  57. Broken Arrow by Neil Young
  58. She’s A Healer by Neil Young
  59. Harvest by Neil Young
  60. Series of Dreams by Bob Dylan
  61. Tonight’s The Night (Part 1) by Neil Young
  62. All Along The Watchtower by Bob Dylan
  63. See The Sky About To Rain by Neil Young
  64. I Am A Child by Neil Young
  65. Goin’ Back by Neil Young
  66. Maggie’s Farm by Bob Dylan
  67. Cortez The Killer by Neil Young
  68. Ballad Of A Thin Man by Bob Dylan
  69. Buckets of Rain by Bob Dylan
  70. Hitchhiker by Neil Young
  71. I Want You by Bob Dylan
  72. Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again by Bob Dylan
  73. It’s A Dream by Neil Young
  74. Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan
  75. Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan
  76. Forth Time Around by Bob Dylan
  77. Boots of Spanish Leather by Bob Dylan
  78. Good To See You by Neil Young
  79. If You Ever Go To Houston by Bob Dylan
  80. Pardon My Heart by Neil Young
  81. Not Dark Yet by Bob Dylan
  82. One Of Us Must Know by Bob Dylan
  83. Peaceful Valley Boulevard by Neil Young
  84. Love Sick by Bob Dylan
  85. Daddy Went Walkin’ by Neil Young
  86. The Man In Me by Bob Dylan
  87. From Hank To Hendrix by Neil Young
  88. Oh Sister by Bob Dylan
  89. Jolene by Bob Dylan
  90. Ambulance Blues by Neil Young
  91. Girl From The North Country by Bob Dylan
  92. Man In The Long Black Coat by Bob Dylan
  93. The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll by Bob Dylan
  94. Unknown Legend by Neil Young
  95. Chimes Of Freedom by Bob Dylan
  96. Ballad of Hollis Brown by Bob Dylan
  97. Shot Of Love by Bob Dylan
  98. If Not For You by Bob Dylan
  99. Computer Age by Neil Young
  100. My Back Pages by Bob Dylan

Top 10 moments of food gorging in film

  1. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids [finding the giant Monte Carlo biscuit]
  2. Precious [stealing the fried chicken]
  3. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure [Napoleon goes to Ziggy Pig]
  4. Meet The Feebles [Heidi gets chocolate gateau in her cleavage]
  5. Nadia [Nadia Comaneci eats carbs before the Olympics]
  6. Death Becomes Her [Helen consoles herself with chocolate]
  7. Santa Claus the Movie [B.Z. scoffs the candy cane and floats away into space]
  8. Batman Returns [The Penguin eats his birthday fish]
  9. Stand By Me [pie eating contest]
  10. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory [basically the whole movie]