Top 100 TV theme songs of all time

  1. Golden Girls [Thank You For Being a Friend by Cynthia Fee]
  2. Portlandia [Feel it all Around by Washed Out]
  3. Jem [JEM–Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous by Anne Bryant]
  4. Partridge Family [C’mon, Get Happy by Diane Hilderbrand, Danny Janssen and Wes Farrell]
  5. ALF [A.L.F. by Alf Clausen]
  6. Perfect Strangers [Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now by Jesse Frederick and Bennett Salvay]
  7. Growing Pains [As Long As We’ve Got Each Other by John Bettis and Steve Dorff]
  8. Beyond 2000
  9. Degrassi Junior High [The Degrassi Junior High Theme by  Lewis Manne and Wendy Watson]
  10. Step By Step [Second Time Around by Jesse Frederick and Bennett Salvay]
  11. Family Ties [Without Us by Jeff Barry and Tom Scott]
  12. Welcome Back Kotter [John Sebastian]
  13. M*A*S*H [Suicide is Painless by Johnny Mandel]
  14. Twin Peaks [Angelo Badalamenti]
  15. The Cosby Show [Kiss Me by Stu Gardner and Bill Cosby]
  16. Baywatch [I’m Always Here by Joe Henry, Cory Lerios and John D’Andrea]
  17. Sesame Street [Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street? by Joe Rapose, Jon Stone and Bruce Hart]
  18. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air [Will Smith and QD3, also credited as The Fresh Prince in association with A Touch of Jazz, Inc.]
  19. H.R. Pufnstuf [by Les Szarvas, and technically also Paul Simon]
  20. The Greatest American Hero [Believe It Or Not by Mike Post and Stephen Geyer]
  21. Full House [Everywhere You Look by Jesse Frederick, Bennett Salvay and Jeff Franklin]
  22. A Country Practice [Mike Perjanik]
  23. Taxi [Angela by Bob James]
  24. Hey, Dad! [Mike Perjanik]
  25. Inspector Gadget [Shuki Levy and Haim Saban]
  26. Laverne & Shirley [Making Our Dreams Come True by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox]
  27. The Love Boat [Paul Williams and Charles Fox]
  28. Gumby [William George “Bill” Loose and Kohn Seely]
  29. Murder She Wrote [John Addison]
  30. L.A. Law [Mike Post]
  31. T-Bag [Wonders in Letterland by Summers with Marty]
  32. ABC News [Majestic Fanfare by Charles Williams]
  33. Four Corners [Rick Turk]
  34. Alvin & The Chipmunks [Thomas Chase and Stephen Rucker]
  35. The White Horses [Ben Nisbett and Micheal Carr]
  36. Prisoner [Alan Caswell]
  37. Sons & Daughters [Peter Pinne and Don Battye
  38. He-Man [Shuki Levi]
  39. Ask The Lleyland Brothers [Provist Bros.]
  40. Come & Get It with Peter Russell-Clarke
  41. Family Matters [Jesse Frederick, Bennett Salvay and Scott Roeme]
  42. Doogie Howser M.D. [Mike Post]
  43. Hill Street Blues [Mike Post]
  44. Cheers [Where Everybody Knows Your Name by Gary Portnoy]
  45. Sale of the Century [Jack Grimsley]
  46. Kingswood Country [Mike Perjanik]
  47. SuperTed [John Debney]
  48. Thomas the Tank Engine [Mike O’Donnell and Junior Campbell]
  49. The Mary Tyler Moore Show [Love is All Around by Sonny Curtis]
  50. Care Bears [Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan]
  51. Dr. Who [Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire]
  52. Daria [You’re Standing On My Neck by Janet Wygal, Tricia Wygal, Delissa Santos, Cindy Brolsma and Jennifer Richardson]
  53. Neighbours [Tony Hatch]
  54. Days of Our Lives [Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart and Charles Albertine]
  55. Echo Point [Nick Howard]
  56. Perfect Match [Rick Turk]
  57. It’s A Knockout  [Rick Turk]
  58. Bewitched [Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller]
  59. Ducktales [Ron Jones]
  60. Who’s The Boss [Brand New Life by Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Larry Carlton and Robert Kraft]
  61. Pugwall
  62. Press Gang [Peter Davis, John Mealing and John G. Perry]
  63. Gummi Bears [Silversher and Silversher]
  64. Fraggle Rock [Margaret Loesch]
  65. Diff’rent Strokes [Alan Thicke]
  66. Round The Twist [Andrew Duffield]
  67. The Muppets Show [Sam Pottle and Jim Henson]
  68. Rawhide [Ned Washington and Dimitri]
  69. Quantum Leap [Mike Post]
  70. You Can’t Do That On Television [National Press Club and Allied Workers Jazz  Band Ink]
  71. Melrose Place [Tim Truman]
  72. Beverley Hills 90210 [John E. Davis]
  73. The Adventures of Blackbeauty [Denis King]
  74. The Jetsons  [Hoyt Curtin]
  75. Hawaii Five-O [Morton Stevens]
  76. Danger Mouse [Mike Harding]
  77. Peter Gunn [Henry Mancini]
  78. Mr Squiggle [Frank Strangio]
  79. Burke’s Backyard [Home Among the Gum Trees by Bob Brown and Walter Johnson Jr.]
  80. Play School [Richard Connolly]
  81. Teletubbies [Andrew McCrorie-Shand and Andrew Davenport]
  82. Postman Pat [Bryan Daly]
  83. Grange Hill (original theme) [Chickenman by Alan Hawkshaw]
  84. S.W.A.T. [Barry De Vorzon]
  85. Maude [Dave Grusin, Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman]
  86. Murphy Brown [Steve Dorff]
  87. Northern Exposure [David Schwartz]
  88. Roseanne [W. G. Snuffy Walden]
  89. ER [James Newton Howard]
  90. Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers [Mark Mueller]
  91. Seinfeld [Jonathan Wolff]
  92. Chicago Hope [Jeff Rona and Mark Isham]
  93. Picket Fences [Stewart Levin]
  94. James at 15 [John Ford Coley]
  95. Boy Meets World [Ray Colcord]
  96. Blossom [Stephen Geyer and Mike Post]
  97. Doug [Fred Newman]
  98. Mission:Impossible [Lalo Schifrin]
  99. Miraculous Mellops [Chris Harriott]
  100. Jennifer Slept Here [Clint Holmes, Ann Jillian, Joey Murcia and Bill Payne]

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