Fave Christian ministers

  1. Father Georgy Gapon [despite the treachery]
  2. Vicar Conrad Noel
  3. Jean Meslier
  4. Reverend Thomas J. Hagerty
  5. Reverend  John ‘Jock’ Garden
  6. Father Charles ‘Charlie’ Liteky (also known as Angelo Liteky)
  7. Bishop Franklin Spencer Spalding
  8. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr
  9. Father Gustavo Gutiérrez
  10. Father Ignacio Ellacuria
  11. Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  12. Reverend James Gareth Endicott
  13. Archbishop Wynn Wagner
  14. Father Leonardo Boff
  15. Father Camilo Torres Restrepo
  16. Father Roy Bourgeois
  17. Father Ted Kennedy
  18. Father Peter Kennedy
  19. Father Paul Webb
  20. Father Bob Maguire
  21. Father Jerzy Popiełuszko
  22. Reverend Allan Boesak
  23. Pastor Jay Bakker
  24. Pastor Carl Strehlow
  25. Minister Richard Price
  26. Father John Ball

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